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Benjolan on the skin, known as a keloid may be about our skin, especially when there are injuries, whether infected sketch knife, burn, boil or pimple used. Keloid attached in the skin often seen in the eyes of frustrating. Keloid can cause aesthetic, especially when the skin is reduced in keloid arising in places that are not expected to face. For the women, their beauty will be extremely disturbed.

What is a keloid that? Keloid benjolan is dense in the skin, which is proliferatif growth (multiplication) of the network fibrosa (bundle network in the skin) after a healing wound. True keloid is a benign tumor on the skin but does not invite a keloid on the dangers of life. Keloid that more than 1 as we call keloidosis.

On a wound, the process katabolisme and anabolisme reach equilibrium approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery. In the normal circumstances, injuries that occur on the skin will make the skin cells and a network connector (fibroblast) began to repair the damage themselves. In the case of keloid, imbalance occurs between the establishment and demolition (degradation) collagen. Although the wound is closed, the excess of growth continue to occur so that the result cumulation fibroblast projection and then exit the skin surface benjolan finally formed a network in the wound.

The causes of keloid is still not known with certainty, but alleged to be caused by inflammation. Some of the factors that can cause keloid include:
1. Genetic and racial
Keloid-related genes HLA-B14, HLA-B21, HLA-BW16, HLA-BW35, HLA-DR5, HLA-DQW3, and blood group A. Keloid more found in the black than white people in the west. African descent suffer more than people keloid skin white. So also with Malaysia. Most Indian people have skin that is easily infected keloid, the two nations is Malay, and the third is the Chinese nation.
2nd Age
Keloid usually appears in children and young adults (10-30 years). Men and women do not have have a difference in keloid.
3rd Location and type of trauma
Keloid occurred more frequently in the inflammation and the long recovery in the region with a high regangan skin, for example: chest, shoulders, neck, head, and leg.
4. Vaccination
BCG vaccination is usually used akan cause.

Symptoms and signs of keloid benjolan is the reddish dome-shaped, hard, not organized, clear boundary, prominent, pigmentasi, size far larger than the wound itself, is broad and escalate with the visible teleangiectasis. At the initial stage benjolan feels spongy, itching, and painful when touched, but the long run benjolan crust and does not feel anything. The development of keloid usually rapid, approximately monthly in the period.

On physical examination should be lesi history, characteristics lesi, frequency and place lesi. In the keloid does not actually need to do a laboratory examination such as examination of blood because only mempermahal cost akan examination, but only enough to biopsy.

Locations, among others, the emergence of keloid is in the cheeks, ears, neck, and tends to be in the top of the chest and shoulder.

Therapy was given to keloid among others:
• injection kortikosteroid intralesi
Penyuntikan location in the form of keloid. Penyuntikan generally need to be repeated so often complained about the inconvenience the patient.
• Operation
In the operation, it is difficult to make a nomination keloid completely. Less suitable for operations conducted as to create a new slice will cause the keloid new again.
• Surgery frozen (Cryosurgery)
Using liquid nitrogen. Generally, this technique is recommended because it causes less pain. But this technique can only be applied to the small size of the keloid.
• Surgery skapel
Is the operation of light keloid using a knife and a special thread. On the prognosis of keloid diterapi only with surgery alone skapel can usually return relapse (> 50%). Usually, this technique will be combined with other techniques.
• Laser
Is a method that many do because they do not damage the network around. Length of treatment depends on the size of the keloid. Post-laser therapy treatments must be careful, for example, it may not get wet, change the bandage must be clean to prevent the occurrence of infection.
• Pengolesan cream
To reduce the redness and relieve pain and itch-itch.
• Compression
Use tape that contains the effective disguise Polyurethane hydroactive keloid. Therapy is only done for 12 hours a day respectively for 8 consecutive weeks.

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